Pharmaceutical decolorization

Activated carbons have been widely used for many decades in the pharmaceutical industry for removal of impurities from the active pharmaceutical ingredient (API) processes. The impurities are typically colored by-products, dissolved catalysts or other more complex species. Unlike carbons used in the market for API purification, our carbons are designed in a way that it removes the impurities without adsorbing the API. Decolorization of API is traditionally a cumbersome and dirty process that involves feeding carbon into reaction tanks to absorb color from the API mix.

Unlike traditional activated carbons, our product offers dust & fine free operation. EnterosorbU offers specialty carbons powders and carbon pads for use in pharmaceutical purification. EnterosorbU based columns are also excellent for separation of highly polar compounds and are used for separating polar analytes, isomeric forms, oligosaccharides and polychlorinated biphenyls (PCB's).

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